W hile hosting a number of functions targetting academia (see Conferences and Autumn School ), we primarily want to address the general public who is invited to participate in a colourful diversity of events dealing with language and languages. We are trying to organise these into areas of matchable content (see below) which - due to the sheer number and diversity of events presented by our many partners - is anything but an easy task, sometimes resulting in an event being allocated to more than one area.

The programme is not fully complete but as soon as an event is confirmed it will be added to this site. Make sure to visit our pages regularly in order for us to keep you posted. Please remember that the actual programmes are predominantly in German, as will be most of the events presented therein.

Language(s) of the day

Each of the 21 days of the festival is dedicated to a specific language, language group or linguistic region. Ranging from Swahili to the Uzbek language, from German dialects to the languages of France, we and our partners present a colorful variety of events, which – in the shape of readings as well as music, dance and theatre performances – will additionally introduce aspects of the cultural characteristics of the respective speech-communities.
Language(s) of the day
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Language and Culture

Theatre, music, dance and literature are all aspects of our universal, specifically human culture. The same goes for language. We are happy to present a number of events that reflect some fruitful synergies within these areas. Please note that here, we feature some highlights, and that you will find comparable events within the other thematic regions of the Festival, too.
Language & Culture
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Single Events

These events include a number of interesting and important happenings that can not be clearly allocated to a specific thematic region. Exmaples are the foundation of the Bremen Language Council, workshops dealing with mulitlinguality, international language cafés or a starry search for linguistic tracks in the night sky.
Single Events (page in German)

Language Taster Sessions

When in Granada on holiday, in Volgograd for a conference or in a cinema in Tokio watching an undubbed movie, we are sometimes uncomfortably reminded that it would have been not such a bad idea after all to have taken this class in Spanish or Russian or Japanese. Our language taster-sessions offer you a number of interesting sneak previews into different language classes and may just help you overcome your motivational low when it comes to actually attend one of these 'properly'. You may of course also visit if you are just interested in the language.
Taster Sessions (page in German)

Exhibitions & Public Talks

Apart from the talks organised within the conference section (which are predominantely subject to charges) there are a number of public talks dealing with a variety of linguistic topics and/or languages – from African languages to Esperanto. You may find some of these talks in the sections Language(s) of the Day or Language or Single Events.
Public Talks (page in German)
Exhibitons (page in German)

Language in Action

Interesting talks and absorbing workshops are all fine and well, yet some of us may desire a somewhat more active or physical access to language or languages. For these we present a number of lively events which – in some cases – are tailored specifically to the particular needs of a young audience such as schoolchildren. Interested teachers (who will be supported by us in their projects) may contact us for further details.
Language in Action
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