Movies and Radioplays

Stellet Licht (Mexico, Frankreich, Niederlande, 2007)

Category: feature

Director and Screenplay: Carlos Reygadas

Cast: Miriam Toews, Cornelio Wall, Maria Pankratz

»Stellet Licht« narrates the tragic poetic love story of a Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonite in Northern Mexico. Johan, a farmer with 6 children, living in an ethno-religious Plautdietsch-speaking community of settlers and married to Esther, is desparately in love and having an affair with another woman in the community (Marianne). By loving two women at the same time he commits an unforgivable sin and he opposes his community and God. Violent pangs of conscience drive Johan to the edge of his mental resilience. He speaks with the two women openly about his feelings, even if it is ever so hurtful for them. Despite everything, Johan believes that there can be a paradise on earth.

»Stellet Licht« is the first international movie whose original language is Plautdietsch, a Low Prussian variety of East Low German.

Dates: Fr. 2.10., So. 4.10., Mi. 7.10. | 20:30 + Sa. 3.10. | 18:00

Location: Kino 46, Waller Heerstr. 46, 28217 Bremen

Le rëgn de Fanes (Italien, 2006)

Category: feature

Director: Roland Verra ; Screenplay: Susy Rottonara, Roland Verra

Cast: Susy Rottonara, Yvonne Gögele, Tone Palfrader, Cristina Nagler Crazzolara, Edi Croce, Sebastian Cincelli, Hans Peter Karbon, Ingrid Demetz, Giancarlo Dorich, Vigile Jori, Fausto Lorenz, Stefano Zulian

The film tells the story of the fall of the mythic Reign of Fanes in the Ladin Dolomites, caused by the longing for increasing power of the last king of Fanes. The queens of Fanes have always been the guardians of the reign and the secret allies of the marmots who protect the reign. The protagonist of the legend is princess Dolasila, one of the twin-daughters of the queen and the king of Fanes, who is obliged by her father to fight against the neighbor people with bewitched weapons. Dolasila wears a precious gem called Rajëta, that is the symbol of power and at first belonged to the wicked sorcerer Spina de Mul, who tries to get it back

The movie will be presented on Sept. 9 at 14:00 as part of the Ladin day.

Die Regenbogennation – Mehrsprachigkeit und Identität in Südafrika (Südafrika, 2007)

Category: documentary

Director: Daniela Puhrsch; Screenplay:

Dates: Der Film wird am Dienstag, 22.09. zwischen 17:00 und 18:30 Uhr als Bestandteil des Afrikatages im Übersee-Museum vorgeführt

„Ünner den Melkwood“ (Deutschland, 2006)

Category: radioplay

Director: Hans Helge Ott; Screenplay:

Cast: Nahezu das gesamte Ohnsorg-Theater-Ensemble

„Ünner den Melkwood“ is the Low German Version of the famous radioplay „Under Milk Wood“ by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

'Under Milk Wood', subtitled 'A Play for Voices', was originally written for the BBC (performed 1954 after his death) and only later adapted for the stage. A film version, directed by Andrew Sinclair, was released in 1972. An all-seeing narrator invites the audience to listen to the dreams and innermost thoughts of the inhabitants of an imaginary small Welsh village.

The radioplay will be presented in the Übersee-Museum on Tuesday, October 6, around 15:15 as part of the dialect day.

Zorion perfektua [Das perfekte Glück] (Spanien, 2009)

Category: feature

Director: Jabi Elortegi (s. Foto); Screenplay: Anjel Lertxundi

Cast: Anne Igartiburu, Aia Kruse, Alberto Berzal, Elena Irureta

Director Jabi ElortegiA serious accident which Ainhoa (Anne Igartiburu) suffers in a central street in Barcelonas, destroys her career as a pianist. Also her sentimental life is not at its best. Shortly before the accident she got to know Imanol (Alberto Berzal). However, she cannot share her life with him because of her inability to show her feelings. The cause of her fears lies in an assessination by the ETA which she had witnessed at the age of 15 years and which she was againt confronted with shortly before her accident.

The movie [s. Trailer] is based on the a novel by Anjel Lertxundi with the same title published in 2002 and will be presented on October 5 at 14:30 during the Basque day.

The following link will take you to an interesting video clip about the production of the film (in Spanish) EiTB Kultura [].

Perl oder Pica (Luxemburg, Österreich, 2006) Fällt aus

Category: feature

Director: Pol Cruchten; Screenplay: François Dupeyron, Viviane Thill

Cast: Ben Hoscheit (Norbi), André Jung (Vater), Nicole Max (Mutter), Anouk Wagener (Josette), Luc Feit (Mr. Treines), Marcello Mazzarella (Mr. Pinato), Loïc Peckels (Aloyse), Yan Gillen (Fred ), Sam Hanbury (Guy Treines), u.a.